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Engineering / Management

Using scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including cranes, lifts, and safety systems. Our engineering team encompasses a broad range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on particular areas of applied mathematics, applied science, and types of application.

Procurement / Logistics

Our team has spent decades developing partnerships throughout the industry enabling us to provide the capabilities of action and/or process of goods and equipment to various locations.  Including a wide range of long term vendors willing to help with your purchasing, leasing, renting of materials, services or equipment.  Enabling you to run an efficient streamlined project.

Construction / Installation

Once our procedures and plans are in place we have the capabilities to construct/install a variety of structures and/or equipment.  Allowing our certified team to perform this task enables you to acquire warranty, certification and peace of mind that it was performed by certified professionals.  Peace of mind has always been our clients reason for choosing us.


Custom, Anchors, Lifelines

Lifeline Systems

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection is a crucial part of any building, plant and/or facility.  We have teamed up with the largest manufacturer in the industry.  Offering a full product range, including lifelines, SRL's, guardrails and anchorage systems, our engineering  team never has a problem creating a solution.  With products available throughout North America we can offer quick design and installations so you can keep your operation running safely.

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Mezzanine, Scaffolding, Ladders


Personnel Access

This is one amazing way to increase space.  With cost per sq ft is increasing the only effective way is up.  Our commercial and industrial clients have figured out how to optimize their space and we were there throughout the whole process.  Why wouldn't you bring your idea to life...they did!

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Overhead Cranes

Overhead Cranes

Crane Systems

Industrial roots, where we have helped engineer, supply and commission a variety of systems.  Helping many facilities operate cost efficiently with ways to move their products.  From install, service and testing, we continually offer integral services to the crane industry.

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Parking Storage

Under Ground Storage

Parking / Storage Systems

The PhantomPark® is the newest and most innovative 2-deck subterranean parking system in the world and it is made in America. The deck structure and components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift (or second car) is present when lowered. PhantomPark® is a unique breed of lift for the uncompromising property owner. 

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Freight Elevators

Freight Elevators

Freight Lift Systems

Freight Lifts, also known as vertical reciprocating conveyors, provide an exceptional solution for transferring high-capacity freight between mezzanine levels. Autoquip's Freight Lifts provide a safe, economical, and reliable solution for your vertical lifting challenges all within a small footprint per your specifications. All of our freight lifts meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B20.1 (Safety Requirements for Conveyors and Related Equipment).

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4 Post Lifts

Service Lifts

Industrial Lifts

Four Post Lifts allow for complete under-vehicle access. Without any side obstructions, these lifts are designed for a variety of maintenance needs.  Offering 4-Post lifts that are a safe and cost-effective solution for routine maintenance of your entire fleet. While available in a wide range of lifting capacities ranging from 15,000 lb. to 125,000 lb. for our standard ALI Gold Certified models, these lifts can be customized to lift capacities of up to 260,000 lb.

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Fluid Storage

Storage Tanks

Fluid Containment

Our large stationary fuel tanks are built to store volatile liquids and are typically installed at a fixed location or a location that doesn’t safely allow for portability.  Transportable fuel tanks give you an on-the-go fuel reserve that can be easily moved via truck or trailer and meets Transport Canada regulations.

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Spreader Bar

Custom Rigging

Rigging Equipment

Rigging equipment has been fundamental, resulting in the growth of our company.  With decades of experience this has ultimately allowed us the opportunity to continue successful growth.  If you have a lift and/or need to test your equipment prior, click the link.

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Steel Erectors

Steel Erectors


Sometimes the first thing we talk about, should be the last.  Once we have all your requirements in place, lets build a place for it.  Our full in house fabrication team can handle all structural elements of the project and more.  Including easy on site bolt up to eliminate additional welding costs.

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